13 thoughts on “मत/अभिमत

  1. Dear,
    Nepal dairy.com
    The Nepal dairy is very nice, I like so much as this artical and you had written down about the recent Nepali political situation, in my veiw, Our Nepali political situation geting poor day by day, we are woride, we can not belive that they are not able to writen constituation. as this time all of nepali people is not stay silently.Other wise all of political party is not take a right path, they sunk to nepal, WE ARE ALL OF AWARE, WE ARENOT SLEEP,THEY CAN’T THING ABOUT PEACE, THEY WANT TO WARE IN NEPAL. ALL OF CIVIL SOCIETY, EDCATED PEOPLE, YOUT HAS BEEN THINKING PERIOD OF TIME. IT SHOULD BE THINK, IT SHOULD BE DO,

  2. bhangres, jhale male gothale, jungle ka badarharu sabai le nepal lai barbad banaune bhaye. chor gada haru jasle j j bhasan gareta pani kursi ko lagi nai ho. kursi ma pugepachhi sabai janta lai lat marere aafno nata,gota ra aafno paribar lai bahek kasailai herdainan. daka haru ko kehi biswas garna sakiyena. dikka lagera aauchha yiniharu ko nam sunda pani. k garau ma?

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