13 thoughts on “मत/अभिमत”

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  5. bhangres, jhale male gothale, jungle ka badarharu sabai le nepal lai barbad banaune bhaye. chor gada haru jasle j j bhasan gareta pani kursi ko lagi nai ho. kursi ma pugepachhi sabai janta lai lat marere aafno nata,gota ra aafno paribar lai bahek kasailai herdainan. daka haru ko kehi biswas garna sakiyena. dikka lagera aauchha yiniharu ko nam sunda pani. k garau ma?

  6. i want to going utter about anekapa maobadi. he become mad. coz he always think that, he is only good party and other party are not good. at first he speak by mouth and next time he speak by anus.this habit is very bad. i suggest them to go rachi for treatment then return in nepal.

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