उद्यमी ब्यापारीको बन्द का दृस्य हरु

नेपाल डायरी 4.:30

बसन्तपुरमा सभा
बाँकी फोटो हेर्न भित्र आउनुहोस्
बिभिन्न प्ले कार्ड बोकेका ब्यापारी हरु
काठमान्डौ मेडीकल कलेज बिध्धर्थी हरु
ब्यापारी को आमसभा मा आइपुगेका यि बिद्यार्थी हरु भने आफुले पढ्न पाउनु पर्ने र शैक्षिक सस्थाहरुमा भएको गुन्डा गर्दी बन्द गर्नु पर्ने माग राख्दै जुलुस मा सहभागी भएका थिए ।

सबै फोटो:- नेपाल डायरी


3 thoughts on “उद्यमी ब्यापारीको बन्द का दृस्य हरु

  1. kathmandu indeed is a commercial and business hub, a home for all burgeoise. Every middle class people dream of becoming a millionnaire one day, and they seek a home in Kathmandu, or in Biratnagar, Pokhara, Birgunj or Janakpur, Nepalgunj. This is one reason ( ambitious middle class people), peoples’ movement infact could not spread in these major cities. I can openely challenge these businessmen as well as the Morchas to show if they can survive in the villages and districts in remote areas, not ncessarily in Rolpa and Karnali, be it in the villages surrounding Kathmandu.

    Those remote and underprivileged people are the one paying price while hari Shrestha like people in Kathmandu were becoming Arabpati from their hazarilal titles. Every Kathmanuite with a house there is a millionnaire by all standards and only those who have something tend to make more, in most situations at the cost of others.

    Demonstrations in question is gathering of all those ambitious individuals who are waiting for an opportunity to such ordinary people, starting from Ricksawwal in Kathmandu to sarbasadharan in Karnali and Taplejung, who have to think about how to cater next meal.

    There is no doubt the atmosphere of intimidation, abduction and extortions should be stopped. But, revolution that Nepal saw a year ago do not give mandate to any one to undertake activities that would prove to be bottleneck to forthcoming CA election. There had been numerous statements that if Maoists included interim government is not formed in a few days time and CA dates and procedures not announced soon, CA polls can not be held in May-June.

    Now think about the agitations in terai and this initiaves of basically those galloping to be become rich. This is nothing more than part of the plot of reactionaries to prevent maoists from coming to the power and to stop the CA polls.
    It may be bitter even for the colleagues from Middle class, a dangerous class in society. I say dangerous, because these are the people who are ready, in normal circumstances, to do anything in their hands, to jump to elite groups. They should however be aware that the elites are their nearest enemy to them. With this I am trying to explain that we should not fall into the trap prepared by the elites, so called businessmen and anti-peoples’ sentiment.

  2. The hard work of Nepal Diary to bring these photos is praiseworthy.

    But why students of KMC are on the streets? are they supporting the strikes of Business people? or their protest is against it?

    OR ARE they bored of their hectic study and some amount of Consumption of Ganzas?

    It shows that rich peoples’ children are also conscious of effects of strikes on them (in both and positive and negative way) and having conscious of fun that they get on streets on the name of Protests.

    The question that have to be asked against them is how many of them were on streets when kathmandu was crippled by Curfews when the aandolan against Kings Rule was going on?

    I think none of them were. May be busy to consume Ganzas in hostels.

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