nepal, where the legends live

 New nepal possible? how?

Today’s topic is so simple…. we just want to know how is it possible to assure new nepal is possible ? we want to share our/yours ideas in the web of different thinking .

Lets express our/yours ideas and views and Express yourself too

 In this topic we want to encourage your own vision , sharp and clear and reliable, thats really helps people to make clear vision about new nepal.

lets start

How New nepal is possible ? and what is our role ?

Tarai violence


The seven-party alliance and the Maoists had a good chance this week to address the madhesi grievances fuelling the tarai unrest. And they blew it. On Wednesday, instead of acknowledging genuine grievances and saying sorry to the families of those killed, and despite emotional references to his own mortality, Prime Minister Koirala delivered a lecture: your protests are delaying the constituent assembly election. Let’s talk, but stop the violenceMadhesis compared it to the ‘concession’ speech given by Gyanendra last April when he went only half-way in meeting the demands of pro-democracy forces. The parties kept up the pressure until the king capitulated. Something similar could happen now, and the tarai violence could intensify


15 thoughts on “nepal, where the legends live

  1. hello
    i think we defenetly can make a better nepal throuhg our contributions to the field we often hear here and there that there is no thing every where in nepal means no opportunity but have we ever thought that what we have given to the society ? the common ansere is no i feel…
    so try to do giving and then we expect what we get in return this is very simple way of changing or transformation ourselves into new nepal….
    so lets start giving then we defenetly can make better nepal or new nepal..

  2. The world new nepal is in itself a very sweet word, but many times used by the politicians and leaders to mislead people………What Terai?? What Pahad?? What Himal………..first of all we are all Nepalese….Let the country live and we can live…….the politicians should sacrifice their quest of power and see the perspiration in the foreheads of poor peasant and torn out clothes of the homeless vagrants……..and keep your hands in your heart and say “What New Nepal is??”

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